Visualize and analyze your business data in real time over the web using IntelliVIEW Dashboard reports which are fully integrated within the CarPro suite of products. 

Dashboard Reports key features

  • Fully integrated with CarPro Systems suite of products.


  • Interactive web based reports with embedded analysis capability.
  • Real time analysis and drill down of report data.


  • Dash board style presentation with options to present data in the form of:
    • Graphs
    • Pivot Tables
    • Tables


  • Ability to mail or export reports to multiple formats including Excel, PDF etc.


  • Role based access to reports based on user groups and rights defined in CarPro.


  • Create your own dashboard reports and assign access to reports to selected position or employee.


  • Easy and user friendly, requires minimal training. 



User Driven report management and assignment of User Rights

  • Create your own Dashboards.


  • Create and Manage your own reports.


  • Manage categories of reports.


  • Assign Report categories to position or employee.


  • Total control, management and assignment of User Rights. 

Seamless Integration with CarPro suite of products

  • Fully integrated with CarPro suite of products.


  • Variable Dashboards by Department:
    • Management
    • Fleet
    • Rental
    • Leasing
    • Chauffeur Drive
    • Garage
    • Finance etc.


  • Access to Reports embedded within CarPro application.


  • Create your own report and add Dashboard reports to categories. 



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Download the complete CarPro BI Reports brochure 

CarPro's BI Reports

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