Achieve total control of your Fleet and Chauffeur resources

The exponential growth of the Rental Industry in Developing Markets has created a need for a professional solution to manage every aspect of the Chauffeur Drive business. ChauffeurProXL, has been designed using state of the art technology and exceeds the demands of the current Limousine/Chauffeur Drive industry. ChaufferProXL’s sophisticated planning tools ensure better management of your vehicles and chauffeurs while minimizing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

ChauffeurProXL’s Revolutionary Dashboard approach

Real-time display of Chauffeur and Vehicle utilization empowers your management to effectively control your Vehicles and Chauffeurs.


Vehicle and Chauffeur Management on your Dashboard

  • Real time technology 


  • State of the art Rate Engine


  • Quick Access with drill down functionality


  • Intuitive, user-friendly navigation


  • Effective accounts receivable management


  • Integrated with 2 way SMS functionality for real


  • Advanced BI reporting tool time control over your chauffeurs


Online Real time display

  • Online display of your Chauffeur and Vehicle utilization by branch, city or region.

  • Online view of your Reservation status enables planning of your Vehicle and Chauffeur.


  • A single click drills down to details for further action


  • Online view of Reservations not allocated to a serving location in a city


Action Items

  • No show Reservations


  • Pre closed Agreements

  • Overdue Vehicles


  • Vehicles due for service


  • Vehicles at Garage

ChauffeurProXL Benefits

  • Increase front desk efficiency


  • Effective fleet and chauffeur planning

  • Optimize fleet and chauffeur utilization


  • Reduce maintenance costs


  • Increase fuel tracking and control


  • Improve city and branch control


  • Effective accounts receivable management


  • Control foreign vehicles and chauffeurs


  • Increase customer satisfaction


  • Improve return on investment



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