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Solutions for the Automotive Industry

In today's highly competitive world your business needs a sophisticated and flexible solution for automotive management. CarPro Systems provides ideal solutions for leasing, renting, chauffeur services, fleet control and garage management functions. CarPro Systems' state-of-the-art automation and artificial intelligence maximizes your profits by optimizing fleet utilization and minimizing operational costs. Our goal is to increase your profits.

Complete ERP Capabilities 

CarPro Systems is a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that optimizes your business processes to provide a single integrated solution for all aspects of your automotive organization.

Multi-Lingual and Multi-Company

CarPro Systems’ multi-lingual and multi-company features allow you to expand globally and develop new segments of your business in different areas, such as corporate, leisure, leasing, chauffeur drive and replacement vehicles, all supported by CarPro Systems modules. 

Fully Integrated

Regardless of its size and extensiveness your business needs to function as a unified unit. CarPro Systems is a fully integrated solution that automates every aspect of your business within a single cohesive system.

Comprehensive & Modular Functionality

CarPro Systems, with its thousands of user-friendly functions, contains more functionality than any other automotive solution in the market. The CarPro Systems modules span all areas of automotive management, including price quotations, invoicing, purchase orders, car sales, planning, administration and control. CarPro Systems tracks and automates each and every activity. 

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Customer Focused

Your customers expect personalized service and rates, and CarPro Systems delivers. 


  • CarPro Systems’ automated rate-optimization process, based on advanced artificial intelligence, provides the correct rate at all times, minimizing customer complaints while maximizing revenue opportunities.


  • CarPro Systems differentiates service for frequent renters and other preferred customers.


  • CarPro Systems’ Lease Quotation engine, based on best leasing practices, provides a reliable and accurate leasing calculation for your customers.


  • CarPro Systems’ internet functionality enables customers to obtain on-line rate quotations and make on-line reservations, reducing your service costs. 

CarPro Systems Benefits


  • Creates unified company culture 


  • Streamlines business processes


  • Minimizes costs


  • Maximizes efficiency and profitability


  • Protects past IT investments


  • Modular system that grows with your business


  • Best Return on Investment 


Company Profile

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