Gain a major competitive advantage

Empower your sales team and stay in touch with your customers by utilizing CarPro’s integrated CRM module that provides seamless integration with your existing software.

Integrated solution for the rental and leasing industry

  • Well defined and easily comprehensible sales process.


  • Uses standard terminology and concepts from the Rental and Leasing industries.


  • Integrates seamlessly with:
    • RentProXL
    • LeaseProXL
    • ChauffeurProXL


  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook.


  • A diary to record history of interactions with prospects and customers.


  • State-of-the art technology to ensure efficient sales activity whilst consistently minimizing your costs. 

CarPro CRM Benefits

  • More effective use and tracking of your sales team in the pre-sales cycle.


  • Real-time monitoring of activities by your sales team.


  • Optimizes your investment in Sales and Marketing.


  • Improves your ability to proactively track customers’ requirements.


  • Seamless integration with RentProXL, LeaseProXL and ChauffeurProXL leverages your existing investment.



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Download the complete CarPro's CRM brochure 


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