Gain a major competitive advantage

If you want to drive and inspire your organization, then create a proactive atmosphere by dealing with challenges and problems as they arise.


Utilize LeaseProXL’s integrated approach to Operational Lease Management.


LeaseProXL is a tailor made management tool enabling maximum creativity in your financial and operational approach. It is the ultimate solution of choice for managing your entire leasing business, providing constant cost control and vehicle tracking, from initial vehicle purchase until the vehicle is sold. 

LeaseProXL’s revolutionary approach



  • Core business control on your dashboard >Departmental focus


  • Simple to use


  • Quick Access to every feature


  • Real Time Variance Management


  • Open Architecture capabilities 


  • Web-enabled, browser-based technology 



  • Real time approach


  • Dedicated departmental dashboards


  • Intuitive, user-friendly approach


  • One screen, with drill down functionality


  • Prioritize your actions


  • Easy integration with external applications


  • Adopt the technology of the future 

LeaseProXL Benefits

  • Sales driven solution to increase your sales capabilities


  • Improved management decisions based on actual data


  • Optimizes fleet utilization


  • Minimizes fleet costs


  • Full Critical Path Control to protect company’s commitments and revenues


  • Improved Return On Investment



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