Gain a major competitive advantage

Inspire your organization and deal with challenges as they arise

by utilizing CarPro’s proactive approach to Rental Management.

RentProXL’s revolutionary approach

  • Your business in real-time on your dashboard


  • Quick Access with drill down functionality


  • Easy integration with external applications


  • Intuitive, user-friendly navigation


  • Real Time Variance Management


  • State of the art, web-enabled technology 

RentProXL’s Main Features

Powerful, Sophisticated Rate Engine


Increase your revenue by Intelligent use of advanced rate engine and rate optimization

  •  CarPro is equipped with a sophisticated rate engine that allows you to fully automate your price quotation and rental calculation processing.


  • Multi-currency


  • Automated rate assignment using advanced rate logic


  • Artificial intelligence to optimize the calculation of rental charges according to:
    • Rental location and Return location
    • Rental date and length
    • Vehicle type
    • Customer type


  • Grace period, extensions, and late fee charges.


  • Insurance coverage and miscellaneous charges.


  • Special rates based on international/domestic renters, promotions, airlines, frequent flyers, credit card types, on-line reservations, etc. 




RentProXL Benefits

  • Immediate response to market demands
    Flexibility to meet fluctuations in the market by estimating walk-ins, calculating projected utilization, adjusting prices, and transferring vehicles.


  • Do it right the first time
    Empower your employees with an easy-to-master system that reduces the learning curve, reduces errors, increases speed and boosts user satisfaction. 
    Internal logic control eliminates processing errors by preventing users from entering invalid data and thus ensuring data integrity.


  • Online analysis
    Give your business powerful Data Mining capabilities, with easy-to-use WYSIWYG online reporting capabilities that provide access to information concerning every facet of the business.


  • Reduce training
    Greatly reduce training time and costs with the intuitive, consistent interface designed in a modular fashion focused on task completion.


  • Cut your costs
    Reduce your costs by focusing on cost centers and highlighting cost variances as per management definition.


  • Increase your revenue
    Intelligent use of sophisticated rate engine and rate optimization.


  • Increase customer satisfaction
    Delight your customers by exceeding expectations with rental and invoicing efficiency. 



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